Upcoming Version 2.0 update – list of changes

18 05 2009

NOTE: Amendments or additions will be made to this list in the coming weeks.  Current price is $.99 (US)/59p (UK), but the price will increase to $1.99 (US) / £1.19 (UK) when 2.0 is released, due to some major additions.  2.0 will be a free update of course, if you already have the current version.

– 3 difficulty settings for the Campaign mode- Easy, Normal, and Hard.  The higher the difficulty, the better the reward on completion.

– All new Survival mode- fight opponents one after an another until you get KO’d.  Highest score will be saved

– All new story-based Campaign screens- including intro screens, and for completing a park or the whole camaign.  Even the fight loading screen has been changed to fit in with the story and character style.

– New music track added for Campaign completion screens

– Revised in-game instructions

– Fixed minor bug where a Normal fight is chosen instead of a Double fight in the Campaign under certain circumstances

– Changed “Wastedyuthe” logo, and website to this address in Instructions (email is the same)

– Enhanced Home screen Icon




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