Slide To Play update their review and give a better score!

24 06 2009

To quote from the updated review:

When we originally reviewed Punk Justice, we felt the game’s learning curve was too steep. In version 2.0, the developer has addressed this issue, and then some.

First and foremost, the game now sports three difficulty levels. Easy mode allows beginners to get a feel for the game, while harder difficulties add replay value. This improvement makes the game much more approachable for casual players.

On top of this, the developer added a new survival mode, where you fight until you lose, and changed the campaign mode to incorporate the game’s storyline. At certain points in the game, you get a quick comic-styled cutscene which progresses the story. Also, there is now music during fights to help pump you up.

After this substantial update, we can safely recommend this quality arcade fighter.

They also change what they say as the bottom line:

The updated Punk Justice is a quality arcade fighter that will appeal to action gamers.

Best of all, the games score has been upgraded from 2 (caution) to 3 (good)!

Now everyone can see that the game is now suitable for casual gamers as well as hard-core.

Here’s the full review.




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