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6 02 2013

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appVersity finally post their sparkling review!

3 08 2009

“Punk Justice is easy to play, but you’ll find a lot of challenge within the game”

“Controls are a big part of fighting games and usually is main thing that make or break a game.  Punk Justice has some very sharp controls”

“In fact, everything about the game is very nice for the $1 you’ll spend on it”

“Punk Justice is a great game for the price.  You’ve got plenty of punching and it’s all wrapped up in a nice graphical look with just enough story elements to make it interesting.  I’m looking forward to more from Wastedyuthe”

Read their full review HERE.

Slide To Play update their review and give a better score!

24 06 2009

To quote from the updated review:

When we originally reviewed Punk Justice, we felt the game’s learning curve was too steep. In version 2.0, the developer has addressed this issue, and then some.

First and foremost, the game now sports three difficulty levels. Easy mode allows beginners to get a feel for the game, while harder difficulties add replay value. This improvement makes the game much more approachable for casual players.

On top of this, the developer added a new survival mode, where you fight until you lose, and changed the campaign mode to incorporate the game’s storyline. At certain points in the game, you get a quick comic-styled cutscene which progresses the story. Also, there is now music during fights to help pump you up.

After this substantial update, we can safely recommend this quality arcade fighter.

They also change what they say as the bottom line:

The updated Punk Justice is a quality arcade fighter that will appeal to action gamers.

Best of all, the games score has been upgraded from 2 (caution) to 3 (good)!

Now everyone can see that the game is now suitable for casual gamers as well as hard-core.

Here’s the full review.

Version 2.1 submitted to fix difficulty level display order in 3.0

20 06 2009

In iPhone firmware 3.0, the difficulty levels in the Campaign are displayed in the wrong order (Normal, Hard, then Easy rather than Easy, Normal, Hard).  This is a minor issue which has already been rectified in an update I submitted last night.

The difficulty levels are recognized correctly- it is only the order in which they are displayed that is wrong.  The update should be approved in the next couple of weeks.  The game otherwise works perfectly well under 3.0.

Version 2.0 Submitted!

29 05 2009

As the title says, Version 2.0 has now been submitted and is awaiting approval.  All the additions listed in the post below have been successfully implemented.  Click HERE to see the update in action, including its new comic-style Campaign intro screens.

As I said in the previous post, version 2.0 will bump the price up to $1.99 (US) / £1.19 (UK).  But you still have time to buy the game at the cheaper price, and get the update free when it comes out.

Upcoming Version 2.0 update – list of changes

18 05 2009

NOTE: Amendments or additions will be made to this list in the coming weeks.  Current price is $.99 (US)/59p (UK), but the price will increase to $1.99 (US) / £1.19 (UK) when 2.0 is released, due to some major additions.  2.0 will be a free update of course, if you already have the current version.

– 3 difficulty settings for the Campaign mode- Easy, Normal, and Hard.  The higher the difficulty, the better the reward on completion.

– All new Survival mode- fight opponents one after an another until you get KO’d.  Highest score will be saved

– All new story-based Campaign screens- including intro screens, and for completing a park or the whole camaign.  Even the fight loading screen has been changed to fit in with the story and character style.

– New music track added for Campaign completion screens

– Revised in-game instructions

– Fixed minor bug where a Normal fight is chosen instead of a Double fight in the Campaign under certain circumstances

– Changed “Wastedyuthe” logo, and website to this address in Instructions (email is the same)

– Enhanced Home screen Icon

Version 1.1 is out!

16 05 2009

Improvements version 1.1 brings:

– Your own Library music can now be played during the game
– New in-game titles tell you to start fighting or dodging depending on fight type
– New backgrounds added
– Each park has their own set of backgrounds
– Jed’s sprites given a clean-up
– Strength at 100% after a lost fight (KO) in Campaign mode instead of 40%, to make it more forgiving
– Made second jab in 3-hit combo easier to perform
– Audio issue fixed when continuing a game from sleep mode
– Pause button enlarged