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Welcome to the strategy guide for my iPhone / iPod touch game “PUNK JUSTICE”.


Campaign mode consists of 4 parks, each with 9 opponents you must fight and win in order to progress to the next.  Each parks opponents are displayed like so:


As you can see, all 9 opponents are displayed on the right side of the screen for you to pick from.  Any already won will be crossed off to show you have beaten them and that they can’t be selected anymore (if you lose a fight, you will lose one of the crosses already earned while you are healing, and will need to fight them again).  When you tap an opponent, their statistics will appear on the left of the screen with the word “FIGHT” over the opponent button tapped.  This means if you are happy with that opponents stats, then tapping that opponent again will begin the fight with them.

You will also see a couple of other items on the screen to the left, which may affect your choice.  Your strength is shown top left.  When a fight ends, your strength increases by 30% while you recover.  If your strength is low, you may choose to fight one of the slower opponents to have more chance of dodging their punches.

Below that, the fight type is shown.  This is chosen for you for each fight, and you should base your opponent choice on what fight type you will engage in.  Here are the 4 different fight types and what they mean:

fighttype_normalIn a Normal fight, the first one to knock out their opponent is the winner.  There’s no real advantage or disadvantage on which opponent to pick for a Normal fight.  But try and plan your choice to leave opponents for other fight types, especially the Double’s when you reach the last opponents of the park.  Perhaps pick opponents with a higher rank, to save the easier lower ranks till last.

fighttype_timedIn a Timed fight, you have 30 seconds in which to knock out your opponent, represented by a red clock.  If you do, you win.  If your opponent is still standing after the 30 seconds are up, you lose.  Your opponent does NOT need to knock you out to win.

Let’s look at a couple of opposite statistics to see which is preferable for a Timed fight:


Here we have an opponent who is the slowest but also most powerful, and uses more defensive tactics rather than offensive.  This is NOT good for a Timed fight.  More power means the opponent will have to be hit a lot more than someone with more speed/less power, in order to knock them out.  Also, if you only have 30 seconds to knock them out, you won’t want them dodging all your attacks.  More offensive tactics will mean they’ll attack more, yes.  But it will also mean they won’t dodge as many of your attacks.

picture-2Here we have more speed but, more importantly for a Timed fight, less power.  This means you won’t need to hit them as many times to knock them out.  The opponent also uses more offensive tactics, so they won’t dodge as many of your attacks.

fighttype_enduranceIn an Endurance fight, you have 30 seconds in which you must dodge ONLY before you are allowed to punch back, represented by a green clock.  When the 30 seconds are up, your punch buttons will appear and you can proceed to attack your opponent.  You must then knock them out to win the fight.

Again, let’s look at some different statistics to find the best ones for an Endurance fight:

picture-1Again, here we have the slowest opponent with the most defensive tactics.  This is the BEST opponent for an Endurance fight.  To begin with they aren’t as fast, so in the 30 seconds you are only allowed to dodge attacks and not able to punch back, you want their punches to be as slow as possible to give you more chance of dodging them.  Also, more defensive tactics means they won’t attack as frequently as someone with more offensive tactics, which will help in those 30 seconds.

picture-2These statistics are NOT ideal for an Endurance fight, as the opponent will be faster at punching, so you will have more chance of being hit in the 30 seconds, coupled by the fact they use more offensive tactics.

fighttype_doubleA Double fight is a combination of both Endurance and Timed.  You begin with 30 seconds in which you can only dodge your opponents attacks, represented by a green clock.  After which your punch buttons will appear and you will then have 30 seconds in which to knock out your opponent, represented by a red clock.


Statistics-wise, it really comes down to how quick you are at dodging punches.  As a Double fight is both Endurance and Timed combined, you are probably better off sticking to opponent statistics that are in the middle.

Fight types are picked for you randomly, except for the last opponents left in the park- in which case you are forced to fight Double fights.  Due to this, it may be wise to pick out which opponents you’ll want as your last ones to fight.  One of the factors here is the rank of the opponents, for the first three parks at least.  Try to keep the lower ranked opponents till last, to help make the Double fights easier.

NOTE: In Endurance and Double fights, Punch buttons are not displayed for the first 30 seconds while you are not allowed to punch according to the fight type rules.


Now you have chosen your opponent, it’s time to fight them.  However, in this game it’s not a good idea to go in “all guns blazing” as you need to keep an eye on your stamina- get too tired and you will be left vulnerable while you are recovering.  Your main concern then, is your stamina bar (the gold one under your red strength bar).  When you punch it depletes, but then immediately starts to build up again.  However, if you punch too much and the bar depletes to nothing, it will not build up again till after a few seconds.  Therefore, the best approach of attack is to let your stamina build up before unleashing your combo’s.  If you try to utilize a 4 hit combo while you only have half your stamina, you won’t be able to and you’ll run out of stamina and be punished for it.

So, you may have noticed the word Combo there.  You have 2 punch buttons- left punch and right punch (gold).  You also have 2 dodge buttons- left dodge and right dodge (blue).  All of these can be used to create various attack combinations.  Here is the list of moves:

Left jab
Left Jab

Right Straight
Right Straight
Left Hook
Left Hook
Right Uppercut
Right Uppercut

The jab is the least powerful, and the uppercut is the most powerful.  Here are the combinations you can utilize:

( L – left punch button, R – Right punch button, DL – Dodge Left, DR – Dodge Right )

L, R (quick) Jab, Straight

L, L, R Jab, Jab, Uppercut

L, R, L Jab, Straight, Hook

L, R, L, R Jab, Straight, Hook, Uppercut

DL, L Dodge Left, Hook

DR, R Dodge Right, Uppercut

So the last thing to discuss with regards to fighting strategy is your opponent.  When they use more offensive tactics, you will just need to dodge and attack as and when needed/possible.  So just wait for your stamina to build up and release those combos.

When you are fighting a more defensive opponent, especially when you reach ranks 3 or 4, you will notice them dodging a lot more of your attacks if they aren’t attacking themselves.  So, how do you overcome this?  The best way is to simply wait for them to attack first.  Watch for any movement to see which side they will attack and dodge in the opposite direction.  Then, when they are retracting their arm, release the dodge button and unleash your combo.  Try to get as many hits in as you can without running out of stamina, as a more defensive opponent won’t attack as often, which means less opportunities for you to counter.

Regarding dodging, the opponent will always attack the side you are dodging if you are doing so, so dodging to the left and staying there (by holding the button down) will result in the opponent right-punching to hit you on your left side.  This may make it easier for the player to dodge their attack.  For example, you could stay dodging to the left, wait for them to attack to your left, immediately dodge to the right, then release and tap the right punch button to send them a powerful uppercut to finish them off.

One other thing to take into consideration is your opponents may take longer to punch with their right hand, but their right hand punch is always more powerful than their left (as in Jed’s left jab and right straight punches).

Good luck.


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