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A fighting game like no other is now in the iTunes App Store– $1.99 (US) / £1.19p (UK)!

Actual screenshots from upcoming version 2.0

Actual screenshots from upcoming version 2.0

Play Jed, a local punk who wants a peaceful life for his family, as he rids his local parks of the gangs that have claimed them as their own.







– Fast, strategic fighting action, as you take on the gang members one at a time

– Simple controls, utilizing 4 in-fight buttons- 2 for dodging, 2 for punching

– Jab, straight, hook, and uppercut punch using different combinations

– Dodge your opponents attack, then counter attack as they withdraw their punch

– 4 gangs/opponents, each having their own speed of attack

– 4 ranks- the higher the rank, the tougher the opponent

– Balanced opponent statistics. The faster they are, the less powerful. Likewise for their offensive and defensive tactics

– 4 fight types: Normal, Timed, Endurance, and Double

– Campaign mode, featuring 4 parks- each defended by 9 opponents of which you must choose to fight (based on the fight type the gangs pick for you)

– Different medals are awarded on campaign completion, depending on how well you did.

– Quick Fight mode, featuring a Random option

– Stylish comic-style characters

– Full in-game instructions

Click HERE for game footage!

Here are some quotes from app store reviews around the world:

I am not normally a fan of fighting games, yet Punk Justice is one of my favourite iPhone games, period” – ajd90, UK

Dodging & throwing punches has never been more fun on an iPhone!” – Tosui, Canada

Overall, Punk Justice is entertaining and offers plenty of challenge” – AlbieOne, US

Responsive controls compared to other fight games on the touch, plus its just a lot o fun” – kyllin, US

While there are other boxing games available none match the depth that Punk Justice offers” – A.Schenk, US


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